Review: SealLine Skylake Dry Daypack

Designed for use on the water, but an excellent weatherproof addition to your hiking kit or skiing set-up, the Skylake Dry Daypack from SealLine is a versatile multisport backpack based on the original SealLine drybags. Lightweight and comfortable, with 18 liters of storage, this pack has quickly become a staple in my outdoor arsenal. Having used SealLine drybags before, I expected high quality and was not disappointed. Similar to their other drybags, it’s important to have several tight rolls at the top to ensure a good seal—I left mine sloshing around in the bottom of a kayak with my camera, towel, and lunch for a day, all of which came out completely dry. The double-coated polyurethane exterior and welded seams make this pack extremely durable, and impermeable to the elements. With removable straps for use as a conventional drybag, and a structureless design for easy rolled-up storage, the Skylake Dry Daypack is a chameleon of outdoor packs. 

Pro tip: fill ‘er up with ice and your preferred beverage for a lightweight, low-bulk, decently-buoyant cooler on the river.