Review: SCARPA T1 Telemark Ski Boots

Ah, the T1. Amazing how such a simple letter-number combination can evoke so much unbridled lust. Like most developing tele skiers, I’ve always wanted a pair. And now, thanks to the established protocols of gear-review reciprocity, I have them. And yes, they’re everything I thought they would be. Sure, I have to give them back—but not until I’ve shredded every inch of Bridger, Big Sky, and the southwest Montana backcountry in them. What can I say about the iconic, stately, tried-and-true Scarpa T1 that hasn’t already been said? Nothing, except this: there’s no doubt they’ll drive whatever ski I attach them to. There’s no doubt they’ll be there for me, strong and secure, whenever I call upon them. And there’s no doubt I’ll ski harder, faster, better. I’d go on, but I have to do some squats and lunges. These boots need me to be as tough as they are. Available at Northern Lights in Bozeman and Timber Trails in Livingston. $650;