Review: Ruffwear Singletrack Pack & Brush Guard

I’m in the mountains a lot, running a trail, bagging a peak, or shooting a grouse. Typically, my dog Seamus is with me, but rarely by my side. His off-trail adventures generally leave him thirsty and me short of water—but not anymore. The Singletrak Pack from Ruffwear is a sleek dog pack that holds 1.2 liters of water in the included water bottles. The tough fabric withstands the rapid barrage of tree branches while he’s bushwhacking, and the snug fit doesn’t seem to interfere with his mobility. I also added the Brush Guard to his pack; it’s an extra-thick fabric that attaches to the underside of the pack and provides some protection for his chest and underbelly. Singletrak $90, Brush Guard $30;