Review: Ruffwear Overcoat

In this crazy, mixed-up world, not all dogs are created equal. If mom and dad left the mutt a little short in the fur department, what better way to show some love to your best friend than a fitted overcoat for those frosty days? The Overcoat Jacket from Ruffwear delivers a wind- and water-resistant outer layer with a recycled polyester fleece lining as insulation.

With six sizes (in three colors) and an adjustable harness, one can obtain a snug fit for the pooch. My dog, with his thin single coat, is a winter-challenged canine.

Whether pounding a skintrack in the backcountry, patiently waiting in the backseat on a powder day at Bridger Bowl, or enduring the cruel realities of waiting out a human workday on the back porch, he happily rocks this winter layer in style.