Review: Ruffwear Grip Trex

These are not for every Bridger in the bunch. If the most exercise your dog gets is running down Peets Hill to catch a Frisbee, you’re definitely alright with letting him go au naturale on his paws. However, if your pup routinely has to chew ice out of his pads while running after a Nordic-skiing you, if scrambling over rocks while heading up to climb Spare Rib in the canyon takes twice as long because he’s slipping, or if you just want an excuse to never have to remove a splinter from a wriggling dog, get some Ruff Wear Grip Trex. The cutest little shoes you will ever purchase have Vibram soles, which is a better grip than you probably have on your boots. Every dog that tried these on had to get used to them—the first few minutes involve some goose-stepping, which is funny enough to justify making the purchase alone—but all of them eventually forgot about the newness and played on. $38 (for one pair);