Review: Rio Grand Line & Leader

A rod and reel are only as good as they cast—and without quality line and leader, you might as well use a willow branch. Do that fancy stick justice and spool your reel with RIO Grand line and Powerflex trout leader, two of the best products currently on the market. I tried the WF5F line; slightly heavier than most WF models, and with more weight forward, it’s best suited for fast-action rods. Super slick, the line slid through my guides like waxed dental floss, repelled dirt and grime, and helped me cast impressive distances. The Powerflex leader proved a worthy partner—the coils disappeared with a single pull through my straightener, and the leader plowed through wind to drop my dries with delicate precision—at least, as delicate as my gorilla arms allowed. Available at River's Edge, Montana Troutfitters, and Grizzly Outfitters. $75 and $5;