Review: Princeton Tech Snap Solo

I've been a fan of Princeton Tech for years, as they've always seemed to do cool things that other companies weren't doing. Well they're at it again, with their Snap Solo, a 300-lumen headlamp that attaches to its harness by magnet, so you can slip it in and out as needed. This handy feature is particularly useful come hunting season, when I'm up well before dawn and well after dark, constantly rooting through my pack, the back of my truck, and around camp. It's also great as a backup light for field-dressing after dark; I can keep one lamp on your head, and place the Snap in a tree nook for additional light—or, if I'm at the truck, stick the magnetic head to the vehicle. There's also a dimmer for controlling brightness and battery life. Which brings me to the only beef I have with the Snap: it requires a screwdriver to replace the batteries. $35;