Review: Pet Naturals Hip+Joint

The curative power of glucosamine is well documented, especially for aging dogs and those with joint problems. If your pooch is starting to slow down or feel sore after exercise, pick up a bottle of Hip+Joint from Pet Naturals. In addition to glucosamine, Hip+Joint has chondroitin, MSM, and other all-natural medicinals known to improve joint health and strengthen connective tissue. My own mutt—who’s been on the “Magic G” for three years and is still going strong at age 12—devoured the chewable, chicken-liver-flavored tablets without hesitation; I liked the compact bottle for traveling. Remember that glucosamine takes a while to saturate the system and start working, so be diligent and keep it in your dog’s system constantly. This stuff may not be the fountain of canine youth, but in many cases it’s the next best thing. Available at Dee-O-Gee. $32 for 120 tablets;