Review: Orvis Dog Gear

Recycled Fly Line Leash
The concept of this leash is what drew me in initially—using old fly line to create a useful product seems like a great idea. Orvis's Recycled Fly Line Dog Leash is a sturdy way to keep your dog in check. The line is super tough and durable but still springy enough to provide the right amount of give and take between you and your dog. The bright color is a nice bonus and it’s a great leash for being in and out of the water. And it’s even made somewhat locally by Flyvines out of Missoula. They hand-weave and recycle old fly lines into collars, leashes, and many other accessories. $25. 

Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor Comfortfill Bolster Bed
When out car camping, it’s nice to have an option for keeping your four-legged friend just as comfortable as the rest of the group. I’ve been impressed with Orvis’s Indoor/Outdoor Comfortfill Bolster Bed for it’s versatility and toughness. It’s meant to live outside and can take abuse from the elements without becoming ruined or soggy. No more worrying if we accidentally leave it out in the rain. The bolster shape is a favorite of most dogs and gives your best friend a perfect place to curl up and dream about those rabbits. $230-260;

Orvis Indoor/Outdoor Comfortfill Bolster Bed