Review: Mystery Ranch Terraplane

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for—and with the Mystery Ranch Terraplane, you get it all: comfort, functionality, versatility, and longevity. It's built to last, it's loaded with features, and it fits comfortably no matter the load. The frame keeps a hefty load centered properly and the torpedo pockets give me quick access to oft-used items.

Which is good, 'cause this pack ain’t for pansies—its 5,000-cubic-inch volume means you’ll be loaded up with a bevy of belongings, for a week in the backcountry or while on walkabout in Africa. The latter is where I’m taking mine this fall, for an extended visit with everything I need while abroad and out of my element.

Beyond all that, what I appreciate about the Terraplane is that it's designed for backpackers, who tend to be lean. I'm tall, so I went with the large frame, worried that the waistbelt might be too large, as is often the case with packs these days. Nope—it fit my waist and hips just right. Well done, Mystery Ranch.