Review: Mystery Ranch Saddle Peak

When I first started ski-touring, my pack was a mess. Putting skins away or pulling out an extra layer entailed re-organizing the entire pack to keep my avalanche equipment on top. Mystery Ranch’s Saddle Peak has saved the day for convenience and peace of mind (and the patience of my fellow skiers). It has a large zippered pocket for easy access to my shovel and probe, leaving plenty of separate space for other essentials. The pack fits comfortably and distributes weight evenly, sparing me of any neck or back pain while touring, or dealing with a bulky bag on the chairlift. The pocketed waist belt is great for quick access to snacks, doggie bags, and sunscreen. The glove-friendly buckles also save me time when shedding the pack to grab other items, such as my camera or water bottle. Mystery Ranch clearly took into account the minor inconveniences of getting into a pack, then eliminated those problems all together. This pack is made with touring in mind, but I plan to take it on my day-long adventures year-round. Available online; $219.