Review: Mystery Ranch Bino Harness

With people, time produces wrinkles, but with gear, it seems to smooth them out. Take the bino harness, which was a rough son-of-a-gun for many years. Too floppy, too bulky, pockets too small, latch unreliable... the list goes on. I tried and tried, but just couldn't find one that did what I needed it to do.

Until now. The latest Mystery Ranch Bino Harness 10x improves upon its predecessor, with the opening in the back, so I can discreetly deploy my binos, keeping them protected while on a belly-crawl stalk. The main pocket is zippered, so my tags and cleaning cloth are secure. And the elastic side-pockets are deep enough to keep my wind-checker and cow-call from falling out. Last but not least, the closure is magnetic, meaning it won't break as I abuse it out there in the field.

Voila, all my bino-harness issues have been resolved. Only took 10 years, but like all good things, it was worth the wait. Well done, Mystery Ranch. $139;