Review: MSR Windburner Accessories

Cooking in the backcountry can make or break an outing. This summer, do yourself a favor and get the easy-to-use Windburner accessories from MSR. Obviously, these items only work if you have a Windburner stove, but the skillet, 1.8L pot, and hanging kit are well worth the additional cost. The skillet vastly expands meal options, as you now have the ability to pan-fry, which means bacon is on the menu. With the hanging kit, you won’t need to worry about finding flat ground or knocking over your stove; simply find a nearby tree limb. And the larger pot allows you to cook for more people without carrying much more weight. As with the standard Windburner pot, the accessories—like the included French-press kit—fit inside, with the skillet being an exception. Available at Bob Ward's. Prices vary according to item;