Review: MSR Windburner

Though you can get calories from jerky or trail mix, a piping hot soup or sweet and filling oatmeal can be the difference between misery and joy (not to mention hot coffee or tea) when backpacking. Space in your pack is precious, so you want something that packs away in a tight, compact unit. Enter the Windburner Stove from MSR. The one-liter unit is completely self-contained, with the gas canister (4oz) packing into the pot, along with the burner and canister stand. The 16oz bowl fits over the bottom of the stove unit, and the optional coffee press packs inside as well. When all is said and done, the entire stove packs to the size of a turkey sub. Once the stove is unpacked and in use, the highly sensitive pressure regulator allows you to adjust boiling intensity. Word to the wise: err on the side of lower pressure; once this baby gets going, your water will be boiling in no time and has a tendency to overflow if you ignore the max-fill limit. Available at Grizzly Outfitters. $130;