Review: Hillsound Trail Crampons

When the ice forms on our local trails, due to freeze-melt cycles, hiker compaction, or both, conditions get downright precarious. Which is where the Hillsound Trail Crampons come in. Slip these suckers onto your shoes or boots, secure them with the velcro straps, and charge down the trail with confidence. The heavy-duty spikes dig into solid ice and hardpacked snow, while the stainless-steel chains keep them snug to your feet, even on steep sidehills. The chains and spikes are rust-resistant,and a thick carry-case keeps sharp points from inadvertently puncturing your pack or finger.

Word of warning: the Trail Crampons are aptly named; they're burlier than standard microspikes, and thus can do some damage to vehicle interiors, kitchen floors, and dog paws. These midweight spikes should go on when you hit the ice, and come off when you leave it behind. But while you're on said ice, nothing offers a better combination of traction and mobility.