Review: Front Runner Utensil Set

When on a “Montana safari”—driving around the state’s wide-open spaces, looking for game, bedding down wherever you happen to find yourself at nightfall—gear abounds. You’ve got all the usual camping equipment, plus camo, weapons, packs, and a staggering array of smaller hunting items. Which makes proper organization paramount, lest you spend more time looking for, arranging, and stowing gear than actually chasing game.

One way to tighten things up is to take a lesson from the overlanders, and use prepared kits. The Camp Kitchen Utensil Set by Front Runner, for example, packs all your utensils together, plus cutting board, corkscrew, and other cooking implements. It all wraps up a compact bag that can be stowed without fear of losing individual items. When you’re ready to set up camp, unroll the bag, hang it from a roof rack or tree limb, and enjoy quick access without compromising tailgate or table space.

The set includes utensils for four, plus spatula, bread knife, paring knife, carving knife, serving spoon, and BBQ fork. Which means the most finicky camp cook has everything needed to cook for a small group of hungry hunters.