Review: FHF Gear Bino Harness

Good binoculars aren’t cheap, and one of the best ways I’ve found to protect my investment is the Bino Harness from Bozeman’s own FHF Gear. Simple and unobtrusive, yet loaded with features, the FHF harness holds my beloved Swarovskis tight to my chest, so they’re accessible when I need them and protected when I don’t. A quick pull on the shock-cord closure secures them inside the padded compartment, out of my way and out of the elements, with virtually no movement when I’m on the run. The fabric is quiet against brush and the comfy suspenders take the weight off my neck. For those warm October days, mesh panels keep things from getting hot and sticky. Throw in a few small storage compartments for tags, cell phone, wind-checker, or a small call, and you’ve got an extremely well-designed harness that’s burly enough to take years of abuse—abuse which would otherwise be heaped upon your spendy binos. $105-$120, depending on size;