Review: BioLite Alpenglow

Classic kerosene lanterns have an unmistakable aesthetic appeal, but they're also a pain—the odds of a successful mantle replacement, for example, seem to match those of winning the lottery. Not so with the BioLite AlpenGlow 500, which requires only the press of a button and the occasional USB re-charge. Sure, the ultra-contemporary design doesn't quite match the traditional look of my cotton-canvas wall tent, but who cares? It's got two regular illumination settings, one for maximum visibility and one for softer early-morning and late-evening light, plus several funky-colored settings, which enhance the apres-supper and cocktail-hour moods. Like its rustic predecessor, the AlpenGlow can stand upright or hang from a hook. The self-contained unit is waterproof, it lasts five hours on the low setting, and you can knock it over without fear of spilling gas or breaking the mantle. $80;

biolite alpenglow 500 lantern