Review: BCA Stash Pro

When it comes to snow safety and experience, Backcountry Access pretty much came up with the rulebook. Then, they set the bar high for quality and features for ski-safety equipment. Founded in 1994 and immersed in the realm of skiing and backcountry exploration before and since, BCA stands as a cornerstone, bringing unmatched experience to the forefront of outdoor-gear innovation. The BCA Stash Pro series backpacks, cut from the same cloth, is more than just a couple of backpack options out there on the market. The series represents the culmination of BCA’s skiing and backcountry proficiency.

For those who rely on their gear for more than comfort and looks during extended backcountry explorations, the Stash Pro pack stands out as a tried and true companion, almost like an experienced ski buddy and partner in itself. Crafted with durability in mind, using top-of-the-line nylon materials, this pack continues BCA's commitment to safety and functionality. The Stash Pro is my go-to resort pack for all-day ridge laps at Bridger Bowl, plus my slimmed-down pack for shorter, less demanding days in the backcountry when I don’t need to bring along a lot with me.

What distinguishes the Stash Pro (22L & 32L options) from other alternatives is its streamlined and intuitive design—a characteristic that’s critical for avid recreationalists who value speed and simplicity. From its sleek frame to its dedicated pockets for specific snow-safety tools and equipment, the pack is meant to be right where you need it, when you need it, and never get in the way when you don’t. The side stash pocket ensures easy access to frequently used items without having to remove the pack. Additionally, the thoughtful back stash zipper allows for fast access to essential communication tools like the BC Link radio, which is handy in the unpredictable corners of the backcountry. And, of course, it has a separate pocket for access and rapid deployment of your shovel and probe should you find yourself in a pinch. Consider pairing the pack with BCA’s T4 Avalanche Rescue Package to make sure everything fits together nicely.

All in all, the BCA Stash Pro 22 and 32 packs go beyond being just another gear-carrying solution—they’re a melding of innovation, functionality, and durability. With BCA, trust is not just earned; it's worn on your back, promising you days on the hills are not only thrilling, but also safe and well-prepared for. The Stash Pro series is a testament to BCA's dedication to providing gear that continues to raise the bar.

Available at; $200 for the 22L, $220 for the 32L.