Vasyli Custom Orthotics

I’ve always liked footbed inserts, but I never really knew why—until a chiropractor noticed my overpronation and put me into a Vasyli custom orthotic. This thing is the Cadillac of footbeds—heat-moldable, with a Sorbon shock dot in the heel and a pronounced arch lift, the Vasyli orthotic corrects my overpronation while softening my footstrike, increasing foot comfort and reducing joint pain. I like the Red High-Density for daily use—it’s a durable, high-performance model, with solid biomechanical control. Slipped into my sneakers, casual shoes, or light hikers, this footbed forces my ankle back in line, which keeps my lower back from shifting out of whack. For hiking, hunting, and backpacking, I use the Howard Dananberg model; its flexible forefoot offers freedom of movement without loss of support, and the removable distal plugs allow me to customize the footbed for any duration and activity. Available at Spine & Sports Chiropractic in Belgrade. $82;