Review: Stio Environ Bibs

The ski bib seems to be all the rage nowadays. Pants, while once ubiquitous, are the minority on the slopes now. The reason is simple: the extra protection and adjustability of suspenders are far superior. But my one complaint: they usually aren’t quite as breathable as snowpants. Enter the Stio Environ Bibs.

Stio focused on backcountry adventures when designing this bib. The full-length side vents are fantastic for dumping heat when touring. The vents also have a two-way zipper, making temperature regulations simple. Have them a quarter, half, or all the way open as conditions and objectives call for.

As for construction, these bibs have a sturdy hard-shell material. Made from 100% recycled polyester fabrics finished with DWR, they keep me dry in all conditions without any insulating materials built in. In my opinion, an uninsulated bib is more versatile than an insulated one. I can always layer up to stay warm, but can’t do anything about being too hot in a heavily insulated bib. Further increasing versatility, Stio included a stretch-woven bib—something I haven’t seen before in bibs. The elastic quality makes the fit slimmer, while still allowing enough room to layer up. In terms of pockets, Stio kept things simple with one on each hip and an additional thigh pocket. The thigh pocket includes a beacon leash for avalanche safety. My beacon lives in this pocket the entirety of the season—whether hiking Ridge laps or skinning in the backcountry. Comfortably, breathable, and practical, Stio crushed it with this product. Available at; $460.