Review: Sitka Stormfront Gloves

Most Montana hunters, at least the ones over age 35, will remember when Sitka first came out. The stuff was mind-bogglingly expensive. Until you got your hands on it—from a friend, on a pro deal, or by some other creative means. And then it all made sense: the stuff was not only warm and comfortable, but it was built to last. I landed an early-model softshell that I wore every single season for 15 years straight; other than a few bloodstains, the thing showed nary a sign of wear. Eventually I passed the coat on to a less-crafty friend, who was happy to inherit such a solid garment, well-used though it be.

In the years since Sitka's inception, some of those lofty prices have come down, but not all. The Stormfront GTX Gloves, for example, still sport a hefty $200 price tag—but once again, the devil's in the durability. This glove not only repels wind, water, snow, and anything else you can throw at it, but it'll do so till the cows come home. Features abound—three-layer Gore-Tex, removeable fleece liner, adjustable cuff, well-placed grip panels on the fingers and palm—and like my old softshell, I expect these things to last a decade or more. Which comes to about 20 bucks per year—not a bad investment for warm, dry hands in inclement weather.

Available online or at the Sitka Depot off Rouse;