Review: SITKA Fanatic Hoody

From hunting and scouting to sitting around the campfire, Sitka’s Fanatic Hoody has no shortage of great features. The built-in face-mask not only adds concealment, but allows one to stay warm and breathe comfortably in frigid winds. The extended hand-muffs almost eliminate the need for mittens, and they also insulate against hot coffee and cooking pots. The long, tailored backside covers the butt in soft, ribbed fleece. Form-fitting and comfy, the Fanatic is surprisingly warm for its light weight, and can be worn on its own or as a mid-layer, depending on conditions. Throw in the integrated temperature-regulation and odor-control technology, and you’ve got a top you won’t want to take off—even when you’re back in town. Sizing does seem to run a bit on the small side; but overall, this is a well-thought-out piece of clothing that will last a long time. Available at Bob Ward's and Schnee's. $189;