Review: Red Ants Pants

I bought a pair of Red Ants Pants at the Bioneers Conference last October and have been wearing them most days since. Based in White Sulphur Springs and made in the U.S., these pants are designed exclusively for women (though men wear them too). Made of chocolate brown, 12-ounce canvas duck, they're a welcome change from blue jeans and have reinforcements on the behind and front leg panels. They don’t pinch the waist, and the front rise is below your belly button. Thong hiders will be happy to know that the pants are cut higher in the back. Three side pockets fit a pencil, a notebook, and knife; a cell phone fits nicely, too. With a functional and flattering fit, you’ll wear them everywhere. Available in numerous sizes and two cuts: straight and curvy. Order online or at Road Show parties. Check out the website to find a party near you.; $119.