Review: Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof

A man wittier than myself once proclaimed, "If the shoe fits, wear it." Fortunately, with regard to the Oboz Sypes Mid Leather Waterproof, this maxim applies to anyone looking for a piece of footwear that will chew up everything in its path. These kicks blur the line between a capable trail-runner and supportive hiking boot, in a design equally fit for a day in the hills or a night on the town. They feel lightweight in stride, yet boast a thick, rugged sole and reinforced leather upper to guarantee maximum durability.

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The Sypes' midsoles offer plenty of arch support and cushion for long days or heavy loads, and their waterproofing lends versatility for all-season use. To tie it all in, the laces cinch tightly over a well-padded tongue, allowing you to lock down the fit without compromising on comfort. $165;