Review: Hexa Custom Down Jacket

Ever have trouble finding the perfect fit in a winter coat? If so, check out Hexa Custom, which allows you to completely tailor a jacket to fit your preferences. You can customize a windbreaker, rain jacket, vest, or puffy. And they give you the option to alter almost everything: from synthetic or down filling, the style, colors, and hood, down to the small details like the zippers and logo. The endless amount of combination options made designing my jacket exciting (and overwhelming). 

Though few and far between this winter, below-freezing days on the hill require an extra puffy—something that my kit lacked. I endured some bitter chairlift rides, but adding Hexa's Down Jacket nearly perfected my setup. Now I can layer accordingly, without worrying if I’ll be too cold to ride. 

I opted for bright colors because I knew that I’d also want to wear my jacket as an outer layer. So when you see me around town, you won’t miss me—I’ll be the only one wearing a bright-orange puffy with a pink hood and just one pink sleeve. Available online at; prices start at $129 but vary depending on product and design.