Review: Garmont T4 Groove G-Dry

It sounds like a rapper's name, and maybe it's no coincidence: the Garmont T4 Groove G-Dry is a born performer. The fit is music to your feet: light and nimble yet supportive, this boot'll make you dance, whether you want to or not. The traction is superb, and the sleek design has a natural flow that jives with every activity and manner of movement. Hike in 'em, hunt in 'em, bike in 'em, run in 'em... do whatever the heck you want in 'em, they feel that good. Not only can these babies groove, but they look sharp, too—suede upper, stately collar, and clean lines all around. So as long as they don't get too dirty, you can take 'em anywhere, just like your favorite hip-hop tunes.

Note: Like many Garmont models, this one tends to run a tad short. If you're on the line between sizes, best to bump 'er up a half-size.

Available online at; $165.

Garmont t4 Groove g dry