Review: CoalaTree Evolution Hoodie

Sustainable. Soft. Storage space. What else could you ask for in a hoodie? 

CoalaTree's Evolution Hoodie covers all of these bases, and more. By far the softest hoodie I have ever owned, this 100% polyester pull-over is made from 10 recycled water bottles and three cups of recycled coffee grounds. The kangaroo pocket fits all my essentials, with an assortment of others that fit my phone, chapstick, and bags and treats for the doggo.  

The water-resistant and quick-dry materials are perfect for hiking and camping in fall weather, where rain and sunshine dance interchangeably throughout the day. Ideal for backpacking and multi-day river trips, the Evolution Hoodie folds into a compact travel pillow with a key and carabiner loop. Oh, and did I mention it was soft? 

Available online; $109. 

Use code BOZEMAN15 for 15% off your order. If you spend $100, CoalaTree will hook it up with free shipping as well.