Review: Burton Gore-Tex Mittens

The state of your extremities can make or break a ski day. My poor circulation makes keeping my fingers warm a challenge, regardless of gear. This is until I started wearing Burton's Gore-Tex Mittens. I can now spend more time out on the hill and less in the lodge warming my gloves up with the bathroom hand-dryers. 

The mitts come with a removable liner, providing the needed dexterity for tightening boots, accessing zippers, and cracking a beer (in the parking lot, of course, never on the chairlift), without needing to shed the entire glove. There's also a pocket made just for handwarmers, and an adjustable wrist strap to keep the snow out. When moisture does somehow make its way in, the fleece liner dries quickly. 

These mittens now accompany me on every ski hill, backcountry tour, ice skate, and trip to the dog park. Burton may not be able to fix my poor circulation, but I'd say the mitts are doing pretty-darn good at taking on the challenge.

Available online; $80.