Review: Black Diamond Recon Stretch Bibs

Finding the right fit for a ski bib can be tough, which is why I’ve been wearing the same snow pants since I was 16. Black Diamond's Women's Recon Stretch Bib made my decision to hop on the bib bandwagon easy. Lightweight and stretchy, the Recon Bib keeps me feeling nimble and comfortable. 

The waist strap and suspenders are both adjustable, making it easy to find the perfect fit, regardless of the number of layers I have on or how many pancakes I shoveled down at the tailgate. The bibs have a wide assortment of pockets, making it easy to fit what you need (and what you don't). It even has a pocket for your phone, making it easy to access when you're "working" from the ski hill.

The Recon Stretch Bib is top notch when it comes to being waterproof and breathable. Whether I’m on a snowy chairlift, earning my turns in the skin track, or face-planting into the snow, the recon bibs keep me dry and toasty-warm both on my way up the hill, and down.

It’s safe to say the good ol’ high-school snow pants have officially been retired.; $450.