Review: Arcade Futureweave Belt

I’ve been rocking the same belt for years—well, calling it a belt is a bit generous. I’ve been rocking a NRS Cam Strap around my waist and calling it good. But when my mom called me out for looking like a river rat at my sister’s rehearsal dinner, I decided it was time to see what this “real” belt thing was all about. The Arcade Futureweave has been the perfect replacement. It is somehow more versatile than the trusty NRS. It holds up my ski pants, fishing waders, and blue jeans alike. The four-way woven webbing contains enough elasticity to move with my body. I tighten it up a bit when I’m on the ski slopes, and loosen it when hitting main street. The low profile snap buckle makes it more customizable than traditional holes, allowing for fine scale micro adjustments. Comfort and function is all one can ask for in a belt, and the Futureweave delivers. The fact that it is made with 85% recycled polyester is icing on the cake. $40;