Review: Alpen Outdoors Ridge Pant

Finding a pair of outdoor pants that are comfortable, durable, and that still carry a feminine look is no easy task. They're either too baggy, too tight, too stiff, or just plain boring. I waved this dilemma goodbye after trying out the Ridge Pant from Alpen Outdoors. Made right here in Bozeman, these pants have been crafted to adapt to all of SW Montana's year-round elements. 

The water resistance and quick-dry materials keep me cozy while hiking in the summer rain, and cool when the sun's rays return. Lightweight and stretchy, the Ridge Pant is perfect for maneuvering over boulders, fallen trees, or creek-crossings on a hike. The adjustable drawstring on the waist allows for the perfect fit, so I can make them snug for my hike up and loosen them when lounging around the campfire. 

The Ridge Pant is made from recycled materials, so I feel solid in not only supporting a local business, but our environment as well. Alpen Outdoors has created a unique piece of clothing that I've been searching for a long time. 

So, when's the next product launch?

Available online; $150.