Galleries of Gear

Bozeman’s version of performance art.  

In Bozeman, a gear garage (or shed or room or wing, as the case may be) is a badge of honor. The more varied the contents, the more esteemed their owner; the more ingenious the organization, the more envious the neighbor. We’ve seen it all, from bunkers to bedrooms, but all gear-storage vaults have several things in common, distinctions that rank them on the hierarchy. Here they are—how does yours measure up

gear garage outside bozeman

While it’s always impressive to see the well-kept gear shed of an outdoor enthusiast who has boiled down her interests to a couple pastimes, it’s far more inspiring when the space is multifarious. Climbing gear in one corner, guns in another, packrafts and kayaks in between. Skis and fishing gear hung on the wall, a slew of backpacks, tents, and snowshoes underneath. This diverse assemblage of gear oozes possibility and sets our minds afire with outdoor opportunity. 

There are many ways to be organized, and it isn’t always about being neat and tidy. A system that works well for the individual works well for us, but we tend to gravitate toward bins and boxes stacked high on shelves, hats and helmets hung neatly on hooks, and skis, bikes, and other hardware similarly tidied up. Outdoor gear on display excites the spirit, and knowing where everything is speeds up the exit from gear chamber to outdoor cathedral.

gear garage outside bozeman 

Craftsmanship & Style
Store-bought organizers are fine, but if the garage-keeper has devised something unique, bonus points apply. Homemade ski racks, antler hooks, vintage wine boxes, repurposed furniture… the only limits are one’s time and imagination. Pulley systems rank high in our esteem, as do cubbies and crates that appear as if from nowhere. 

While most gear garages make room for just that—gear—enclosures that continue to function as their original purpose are all the more impressive. Double-duty sheds that hold all the garden tools, too? Gear on one side of the room and exercise equipment on the other? And the garage—we’re happy to park on the street, but if you’ve managed to fit your car inside, too? Kudos, storage sensei—and please, send us some tips. 

gear garage outside bozeman

Cool Factor
At the end of the day, coolness counts. We’re suckers for an awesome beer fridge covered in stickers, an old-school TV with built-in VHS playing Blizzard of AAHHHs on repeat, and walls blanketed with posters from our childhoods. After all, outdoor recreation is one way to stay forever young—why not celebrate it?

If you think your gear room is among Bozeman’s best, snap a pic and send it our way for a chance to win a bunch more gear to add to your collection.