Measure Twice, Cut Once

DIY truck drawers, part two: building the box & drawers.

After a lot of planning, several versions of cut plans, and a trip to Kenyon Noble, I was ready to get to work on my truck-drawer project. I picked up my materials on Friday after work, spent a couple hours getting my garage in order, stained the piece of plywood for the bottom of the box, and prepared to get started bright and early on Saturday morning.

Step One: The Box
Before cutting any sheets of plywood, I spent time getting a couple straight edges to use as guides for my circular saw. I also had to factor in the blade guard for any cut, making sure that I had planned for the extra inch. For example, the top and bottom of the box needed to be 70 3/4” long, so I clamped my level at 69 3/4”. This would ensure a straight cut at my desired length.

truck drawer, diy truck drawers, diy

After cutting all the pieces, I secured the sides and center divider of the box to the back. Because plywood warps, I attached the sides to the bottom with wood screws, moving from the back to the front, forcing the edges flush. I attached the center at the front and back, then squared everything with an extra piece of wood on the front and a couple of spacers inside. It was easy to then screw the center divide straight and add the top. After sanding the top and sides I stained the entire box and set it aside to dry overnight.

diy, truck drawers diy, truck drawers diy, truck drawers

I wrapped up my Saturday by cutting all the parts for the drawers and cleaning up the mess from the day.

diy, truck drawers

Step Two: The Drawers
Following the same system I did with the box, I was able to pull the drawers together quickly.

diy, truck drawers diy, truck drawers diy, truck drawers

One issue I ran into was using plastic strips for the runners. Apparently, the type of plastic I was looking for is not a common purchase in Bozeman. So for now, I’m going to use a wood wax on the bottom of the drawers. I also found that my tailgate does not sit level with the bed of my truck, so I added an extra piece of plywood to the front bottom of the box—this makes it so the drawers pull out without having to lift up as well.

diy, truck drawers

Up next will be the finishing touches. The drawers are completely functional as they are, but I want to add carpet to the top of the box and inside the drawers. I’ll also be adding spacers inside the drawers to keep gear from shifting around, and I’ll add side compartment covers. The final step will be locking down the box so it doesn’t move while driving. For now, I’ll see what I can fill these drawers with.