Gear Hacks

DIY cost-savers for kids.

Being an outdoor parent can be expensive. Kids are constantly growing and interests shift from day to day. But there’s no need to break the bank to keep your children outside and properly outfitted; simply follow the tips below. 

Take an old daypack and cut out leg holes, instead of buying an overpriced, specialized baby-backpack. Tuck clothing around the child for stability. 

Do they really need fancy, expensive jackets? They start to whine after 20 minutes in the rain anyway. Take an old tarp, garbage bag, or piece of visqueen and cut it up into little ponchos.

Cut the tails off an old pair of adult skis and re-mount the bindings in the center. First year or two at Bridger, they’ll never know the difference.

If you’re a good seamstress, pick up outdoor-fabric seconds and scraps from Mystery Ranch, Simms, or any other manufacturer in town and sew your own jackets and pants, using patterns available online.

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