Review: Brodin Nets

Based in Missoula, Brodin Nets has been constructing high-quality, classic landing nets since 1978, and they’ve just released a new line of products for the 2003 fishing season. The company used to manufacture their nets in Logan, but recently moved the production aspect of their business to sunny Costa Rica. The quality is still unsurpassed on their fine wooden nets made of such exotic woods as cocobolo, purple heart, and zebra wood.

This year, however, Brodin has developed a net that incorporates some of the highest space-age technology, along with the newest rage in net-bag construction. Their new landing net, the Titan, is one of the most innovative of all personal nets. The expandable handle is made of titanium, which provides a gravity-defying lightness to the net. The bow is constructed of aluminum and its 10" x 15" elongated shape makes catching and releasing your quarry effortless. To aid in this process, the net bag is made of soft rubber, which facilitates easy extraction of an angler's flies from the net. The rubber is also easier on a fish's skin, unlike the mesh nets that cling to the protective coating on trout. The downside to the net is the price—Brodin asks for a hefty hundred-plus before you can even get it wet.

Because Brodin honors such a significant investment in a net, they have developed the Large Magnetic Net Release. When used with their Coil Lanyard that stretches over five feet, the net hangs from the back of your vest, handle down. This design allows for easy removal of the net by tugging on the handle. Once you have landed and released the fish, simply grab the handle of the net, reach behind your back, and the two magnetic pieces click together to secure your net safely.

For drift boaters and guides, Brodin has a beautiful wooden Boat Net with a rubber net bag. This net has become a staple among guides in the area due to its large circular opening and the ease with which fish and flies can be released. Again, it’s not cheap; the net retails for $135.

To view the full Brodin line, stop by your local fly shop or visit Brodin’s website.