Return of the King

Mystery Ranch bringing back old classics.

In 1996, when Bozeman backpack-manufacturer Dana Design was sold to K2 Sports, and K2 did what big companies do—streamline production and short-change quality—legions of outdoor recreationists mourned the loss of the best backpacks ever built. Twenty years later, Bozeman’s rucksack royalty is back, as Mystery Ranch—heretofore focused mainly on military, hunting, and fire packs—has resurrected the old Dana Design line-up, including the iconic Terraplane expedition pack. In addition to the vintage models, which have been upgraded with new materials and contemporary construction methods, the company’s new suite of recreational packs includes a dozen original designs, as well as several daypacks, shoulder bags, and duffels. The new packs are already garnering attention and awards, as well as a general hum of happiness from the outdoor masses of southwest Montana. Bozeman’s favorite packs are back, and once again, all is well in the kingdom.