Wobble & Gobble

15 years of Huffing for Stuffing.

It was on Thanksgiving Day 2007 that hundreds of participants lined up outside the Bozeman hospital in running shoes, windbreakers, and costumes to take part in the inaugural Huffing for Stuffing run. Inspired by founder John Dudas, the idea was to host a community race in which all proceeds were donated to the food bank. Fourteen years later, the event is one of Bozeman’s most beloved.

As with most races, Huffing for Stuffing comes with a set of options, the 5k being the most popular. After the inaugural race, the course switched to start at the Museum of the Rockies. Now, contestants in both the 5k and 10k run loops through neighborhoods near Sacajawea Middle School and finish back where they started at the Museum of the Rockies. Races are timed and as competitive as you make them, though ask any “turkey trotter” and you’ll likely learn that the fun lies in running with one another. This year, there is talk of celebrating the 15th anniversary with a one-year-only 15k, course description forthcoming.

Over the years, runners have raised thousands of dollars, and just as many memories, through this communal race. Come Turkey Day, if you happen to be in town, consider breaking out the running shoes, dressing up in costume, and coming out for one last hurrah before ski season. It’ll feel good to get a little exercise in before feasting that night, and raising some community cash while doing so will feel all that much better.

2021 Races ($25)
15k – 8:30am start time
10k – 8:50am start time
5k – 9:10am start time
5k Fun Run (untimed) – 9:15am start time
Kids’ Run (free) – 8:00am start time

Average number of runners: 3,040
Lowest number of runners: 931 (2007)
Highest number of runners: 4,513 (2017)

Average Temp: 26 F
Coldest Temp: -2 F, (2015)
Warmest Temp: 63 F, (2017)

Women 10k: 38:43 – Caroline Hardin, Bozeman (2017)
Men 10k: 33:22 – Matthew Adams, Bozeman (2008)
Women 5k: 17:54 – Makena Morley, Big Fork (2016)
Men 5k: 15:56 – Cristian Soratos, Bozeman (2016)