Remembering the White Knight

This past October marked the 10th anniversary of Alex Lowe's passing, after a tragic avalanche in the Himalayas in 1999. A Bozeman local, Lowe was known throughout the climbing community and the world for his extraordinary talent, drive, and stamina. With an array of highly descriptive nicknames (the White Knight, the Mutant, the Lung with Legs), Lowe's achievements were posthumously honored by naming a Montana mountain after him. South of Bozeman in the Gallatin Range, what was formerly Peak 10,031 is now known as Alex Lowe Peak. "We're all at this one level, and then there's Alex," Conrad Anker famously said, describing his best friend and longtime climbing partner. Anker once traveled the world with Lowe, climbing the world's most difficult mountains together as sponsored atheletes. After the avalanche, he and Lowe's wife Jennifer established the Alex Lowe Charitable Foundation, designed to preserve his legacy and spirit of adventure.