Move 'em On, Head 'em Up

One of the most beautiful things you are ever likely to see is a thundering herd of horses raising dust under the azure Montana sky. Just ask anyone who’s ever seen it. Some folks will tell you it’s downright religious, but most lack the words to describe such a sight.

Maybe just thinking about it has corralled your curiosity and aroused your interest. If so, Three Forks is the place to be in April. Why? Simply put, on that day the Mantle family, along with their crew and guests, drive several hundred head of Montana’s finest rental horses right through the middle of town. This drive is done the right way, the Western way, no other way but “The Cowboy Way.” It's very likely one of the last true horse drives in the United States. Couple that with the fact that the town of Three Forks has always been ready and willing to refresh trail-weary cowboys, and you’ve got a rip roarin’ party on your hands. For more information go to or call 285-3541.