Book: Understanding Coyotes

Coyotes are awesome. Savvy, playful, tough, and, yes, wily. If you don’t know this yet, if you still think suffragettes are subversive and coyotes wicked and worthless, Michael Huff wants to set you straight. He likes coyotes. Lives coyotes. Watches them, shoots them, respects them. Calls them “magic”, “the most remarkable animal on earth.” He wrote a book: Understanding Coyotes ($20, CreateSpace Independent Publishing). If you want to know more about coyotes, Michael’s done the work for you. He shares observations from a lifetime observing and chasing coyotes (they’re mostly monogamous; good dads), summarizes the science (they eat blueberries in the northeast; can smell while exhaling), and sprinkles in anecdotes, asides, and speculation. David Quammen writing about Tasmanian wolves this is not. Michael’s writing is short, simplistic, report-like. But it is open, honest, enthusiastic, infectious. If you hunt predators, this is how it should be done. Out of respect. Understanding.  With a desire to share your appreciation and knowledge with others, whether they want to hunt, watch, or just know.