Book: Slice of the Wild

In the crowded field of wild-game cookbooks, Eileen Clarke’s Slice of the Wild (Deep Creek Press, 2009) doesn’t immediately stand out. But upon flipping through the pages, it quickly begins to.

Clarke does a fantastic job on a few things that are sometimes overlooked in wild-game cookbooks. The recipes are often relatively simple, with common ingredients. She includes lots of side-dish recipes for the years you are unable to fill your tag, and that pair well with her game recipes. She sometimes gives alternative ingredients for those who are limiting calories or who prefer a little more spice. And she gives tips on things like field dressing, butchering, details specific to certain species, how to save your dish if you missed the timer alarm, how and where to find uncommon ingredients, and much more.

I recommend the wild-tamer hamburgers with the oven-fried potatoes. 

If you can get past the fact that the entire book was laid out with the papyrus font (which is a bit of an inside joke in the design and publishing world), it's a marvelous book full of mouth-watering recipes. Feel like a Montana insider with this great cookbook. Available at