Book: Landscape and Legacy

Having grown up on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, I was excited to review the book Landscape and Legacy: The Splendor of Nature, History, and Montana's Rocky Mountain Front (Farcountry Press, $20) by John A. Vollertsen; I figured it would make a great coffee-table book. To my surprise, it had only two pictures of the Front: one on the front cover and one on the back. After elevating my feet, though, I settled into the content between the two photos and was quite impressed. Landscape and Legacy is a compilation of essays written by specialists on such topics as geology, wildlife, conservation efforts, and the region’s inhabitants of the past. Although many of these topics are covered by scientists, the reading is easy to follow and entertaining. In the end, Vollertsen’s book confirmed my passion and broadened my knowledge for one of the most unique and spectacular areas in Montana.