Book: Born to Run 2

Born to Run 2 Book

I’ve recently discovered the freedom in setting off for the mountains with only a pair of sneakers and a small vest. Running is simple, but there’s an art to doing it right. Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run 2 (Knopf, $30) covers everything you need to know to become a better runner—and more importantly, have more fun out on the trails. The ethos is that running should be natural and easy. As kids, we run around and play all the time, but in adulthood, we tend to become more sedentary. If we start running again later in life, we’re bound to have some kinks in the system. McDougall starts off by providing some easy exercises to develop not only the proper technique, but also the proper mindset, for long-distance running. The book then delves into the intricacies of nutrition, training, and footwear. So pick up a copy, and do what you were born to do.