Twin Territory

The sky pledged its justice to vastness and distant mountains remained unable to reveal their rugged nature against such a force. The scene was magnified tenfold by the unbroken surrounding water reflecting everything essential back into the ether. Two earths existed. Twins. All of humanity’s rightness echoed vibrantly within these worlds too.

I also embraced everything good. Caught in the shiny web of an afternoon spell on a pad of grass amongst silent aspens and poised atop the dense earth diving down eons below, my relaxed curled body rested there on the thin crust. The slightest breeze could have whispered me away like that of a dandelion wish.

A willow cracked. Somewhere in the thickness of summer, something aloof to my nap seized the continuation of closed eyelids. Light of a hypnotic sky pierced the sliver of my cracked awareness. Another pair of eyes, the big round curious type, gandered back at me. A young moose held my attention amidst the two wild worlds’ territory.

There was only peace as it moved softly & vanished through the magnificent green meadow grass. It reappeared further away, embracing the status quo, with a twin. They stood confidently next to one another like delicate flowers so new in their existence. Nothing much to worry about besides eating and encouraging the playful branches to scratch their little heads.

Here, on the edge of nature, there was no such thing as coexistence. I had been invoked by something more inclusive, a oneness satisfying every human instinct. A regression from wants and needs to an effortless abundance of comfort and natural fortune.

Illustration, "Varney Bridge Madison River" by Wes Waugh