Space Punctuation

landmarks are prominent in Bozeman
distant constraints with low punctuation
aspiring destinations capped in distant turbulence
life is a breeze across the expanse
all to see and share the blue-rainbow-sky
there is room for a view and the view is:
snow and sun, warm and snow, smoke and snow
and the pine trails over and up and back and summit 

elsewhere the air is heavy and gray and noise
cities of lights, but the lights are headlights and taillights and stop
nonstop to shop and grit with litter and masses of
Bozeman’s spilling over freeways
and why did we come here? again?
where are the spaces that I crave? 

I grow within Bozeman. grow through the seasons
and change and seek peaceful rides and quiet walks
while the roads widen and speeds increase between the landmarks
between the newness and mainstreet and cattle.
I stand like the deer oblivious and silent making my way
paving my roads but treasuring the space 

space shines around Bozeman's night
space sings through my headwind rides
space draws out my destinations while
punctuating a pasture of memory of events (prior spaces)
vast space between conversations with you
drifting beyond my boundaries
wishing for less between