Red tailed hawk
Image by
Brittany Finch

by Sid Gustafson

mountain sheep graze the
autumn dry grass high above
our indecency

by Francis Lunney

What he sees, he mostly sees in dreams.
Red-winged blackbird, field rough
with songbirds. He listens for the damp
growing cold, the saw-whet calls
to the black-capped chickadee.
On the table beside his lantern,
a pellet of the great horned owl:
matted fur and tiny bones.
Under night sky, he sleeps
as a mockingbird sleeps—
his arms tucked like wings.

Snow Angels
by H. G. Moser

Woke this morning to patio tables
transformed into giant snow muffins
and a murmuration of starlings in
the crabapple trees.
By mid-afternoon a sudden breeze
entices the cottonwoods to send down
their golden leaves to play on the snow,
remembering to safety-pin their mittens.
And later on our yellow lab bounding
among them, matching colors.

Brown trout
Image by
Brittany Finch