By the Numbers: MT Driving

69,567: Miles of highways, roads, and streets in Montana (2006)
1,952,737: Registered cars, trucks, and buses in Montana (2006)

25: Number of "structurally deficient bridges" in Montana, per U.S. Dept. of Transportation
4: Number near Livingston and West Yellowstone

34,697,393: Number of vehicles that crossed into the U.S. from Canada (2008)
697,400: Number of vehicles that crossed into Montana from Canada (2008)
29,625,967: Number of vehicles that crossed into California from Mexico (2008)

880,000: Number of "waste tires" generated in Montana per year

18%: Decrease in deaths on Montana's roads 2007 to 2008

50,000: Number of honeybees MSU student Joanna Gress drove from Polson to Bozeman to participate in a study on bee colonies.

2,200: average weight of a male buffalo (in pounds)
1,609: average weight of a SmartCar (in pounds)