Frigid Memories

Those of you who think skiing from Fawn Pass to Mammoth is a bold undertaking, or that going out for a ski up Brackett Creek constitutes an “adventure,” consider the following. In January 1887, a winter expedition set out from Mammoth Hot Springs on a tour across Yellowstone Park (top). With temps fluctuating between -10 and -52 degrees, the group wandered 200 miles, navigating the upper and lower geyser basins of Yellowstone, and, after almost freezing to death on the slopes of Mount Washburn, returned 29 days later. Jay Haynes took some of the first photographs of wintertime in the Park.

The second photo is of three kids from Forsyth skiing in Yellowstone in 1894. The next time someone tells you that it’s too cold or dangerous for your kids to be outside, just show them this photograph. And with a clear conscience, say “I think they’ll be just fine.”