Yellowstone Vs. Glacier

We’re taking a new twist on the ol’ Bozeman Vs. theme and pitting our backyard national park against Montana’s other famous backcountry get-away: Glacier National Park. But which is the champion? Read on to find out.

Main Attractions
Glacier’s pretty blue lakes and mountains are nice, but it’s hard to beat the highest concentration of active geysers in the world—and everything kinda smelling like fart is a small price to pay for all that geothermic razzle-dazzle.
Edge: Yellowstone.

Tourism Bottlenecks
We’ve all been stuck behind folks with Kansas plates gawking at their first grizzly, but the never-ending construction hold-ups on Going-to-the-Sun road can last for multiple boring hours. Bring a book on tape.
Edge: Yellowstone.

You could spend multiple lifetimes hiking and backpacking around both, but snowshoeing around Glacier will seem pretty neutered after barreling through YNP on a sled with loads of giggle-inducing horsepower.
Edge: Yellowstone.

One has mountain goats and a whole mess of bears; the other has wolves and bison. Bring your cameras, because this one is just too damn adorable to call.
Edge: Tie.

Most Likely Cause of Death
If you step foot in either park, your highest chances of not making it out come from a slip into the nearest body of water. Most grisly part about doing it in Yellowstone—that watery grave comes with a complementary poaching. Ouch. We’d rather go out in a “Night of the Grizzlies” style bear-fight and hopefully create a compelling YouTube video of our demise.
Edge: Glacier.

Score: 3 to 1. Winner: Yellowstone! It was a close one, but our backyard national park has proven itself victorious. Good ol’ Yellowstone was America’s first national park and remains the best.